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Are you a fatty?

Cruel question? Not really. I certainly wouldn’t take offence if asked. “Yes, I am,” I’d answer straight away. I’d also add that it was my own fault. We fatties only have ourselves to blame. Yes, there are some that have genuine health issues and it isn’t their fault.

I’m fat. I’m not going to polish the fact & call myself ‘overweight’ as that sounds more polite. Many people who carry more than their fair share of body mass call themselves that. I guess it comes down to the fact that being overweight can be just a mere pound or two! We lull ourselves into a false sense of security.

We are fat own weakness; our inability to say ‘no’. We are the ones who put that cookie or chocolate in our mouth along with all those unhealthy titbits we feed ourselves during the day. We’re the ones who take that second helping for fear of offending. The only thing we offend is our body. No one forces us. See, I told you it’s our fault.

Plain & simply, I am fat. I’ve known it for awhile now & so have my clothes!! For some time I’ve been wanting to do something about it.

“I’ll start a diet tomorrow,” I tell myself. Of course, tomorrow never comes & so the diet is never started. I’m always talking the talk! Got the books, got the walking shoes..... but just go on talking the talk!

Several weeks back I discovered the wonderful Joyce Meyer on the God channel. She is a wonderful speaker. I listen to her preaching on how we can live out the Bible. She tells how can control our own lives; how we can be positive & there is nothing we can’t do.

“Yes, I can do something about being fat,” I told myself one day. I can control what I eat & I can say ‘no’ to my eating disorder. In my opinion fatness is just as much an eating disorder as Anorexia.

I walk five days out of seven now. I never did before. It wasn’t that I was a couch potato although I very much looked likes a sack of them. It was just that my lifestyle is a sedentary one. I write, read, paint.... I also suffered from ‘clean plate’ syndrome & I liked a large glass or two of red wine with my meals. Get the picture?

So, I walk. Not only is it doing me good but it’s my time to walk & talk with God. We sort out my problems & put the world to rights.

I joined Weight Watchers on line. I use to go to WW meetings when I lived in the UK. Their points system was wonderful & I lost a stone. I was my ideal weight. That was over three years ago. I gained that stone again & two more! Three stone to lose but I’ll do it. My determination has set in. Lodged in my brain is that new winter coat from El Corte Ingles that I am going to buy myself at Christmas. I don’t look at the three stone as a whole. That would be foolish. I think week to week. I’m only half way through my second week. Ok, I hear you say. It’s all a novelty. I’m three pounds down already; a bag and a half of sugar! So that’s three pounds less that I have to lose. All you other Fatties out there, you can do it; that is if you really want to. If you are happy being fat, that’s fine. I’m not & I’m doing something about it. I’m not just walking the walk but talking the talk too..........AMEN

Posted by SpanishRos 07:07

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